About Us

Allegiance associates or Double A as we call it was founded by two partners in September 2007.

The name Allegiance means trust and as the name suggests the entire foundation of the organisation depends on the creation and building of trust of our clients based on the goodwill created by high level of service, customised solutions and the professional approach of our team.

Over the years Allegiance has grown from a small unit managing a bunch of clients to a brand well known within the financial world for its high business ethics and the passion with which we approach every single assignment. Today the organization boasts of more than 500 clientele and manages assets of more than 250 crores across various product baskets.

Through Allegiance we intend to provide our customers with a platform which would serve as a one stop shop for all financial needs. Confidentiality and ethics form the core principles of our organisation and providing sound and unbiased advise has been our prime focus.

We offer following specific solutions to our clients:

Below are the service offered by us to help you in investing for your various stages of your life so that you can live your life freely